About BTL

BTL Industries has established itself as a key global manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipment, operating direct offices in over 70 countries worldwide. With an impressive team of 400 engineers in our Research and Development department, we continue to innovate and improve.

We have risen to prominence as a leading provider of non-invasive treatments, a sector acknowledged as one of the most rapidly expanding in the medical field.

Advancements and Innovation

In the last three decades, our research and development team has significantly broadened and diversified our product range, introducing innovations that span various medical disciplines.

Our enduring dedication to development has led to numerous patents, enabling us to increase the variety of healthcare services we provide, enhancing the lives of our patients.

We help our customers on their way to success

500K+Installed medical systems70K+BTL providers worldwide1K+Yearly educational events

BTL Cares

Fostering the Aspirations of Young Athletes

BTL's therapies are designed to strengthen and empower, and our BTL Scholar Draft echoes these principles, though in a unique manner. This scholarship does more than just alleviate the financial stress of college tuition for student-athletes in the United States. It provides them with a real chance to invest in their future, regardless of the direction their career ambitions may lead them.