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NewBeauty Awards: Innovations - 10th Annual Beauty Awards

EMTONE - “A new skin-toning treatment, Emtone delivers radio-frequency and targeted pressure energy through the skin to treat all major contributing factors of cellulite.” —Tatiana Bido, Features Editor
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The Blast

Kim Kardashian's Favorite New Body Treatment Obsession

Kim Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to beauty treatments. She has her own personal "glam squad," that helps her get ready every day. There are plenty of skin treatments that she has tried. Her latest obsession is EMSCULPT. Back in September of 2019, viewers were treated to watching Kim undergo a body-sculpting treatment.
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Showbiz CheatSheet

Kim Kardashian's Favorite Body Procedure Is a $3K Non-Invasive Treatment

Recently there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the Kardashian‘s most recent usage of a new kind of treatment when it comes to her to body. Back in September Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewers watched as Kardashian underwent body sculpting. EMSCULPT is the innovative machine that makes the celebrity’s body treatments and dreams possible.
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Tana Mongeau Does ‘20,000 Crunches in 1 Minute’ During Abs Procedure: ‘Didn’t Have Time to Work Out’

Sometimes, you gotta take the shortcut. YouTuber Tana Mongeau took to her Instagram Stories to show off an abs contouring procedure she got at 7Q Spa in Glendale, CA on February 26 — and needless to say, we totally get wanting that quick fix when your schedule keeps you away from hard work in the gym.
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All About Drew Barrymore and Kim Kardashian West's Favorite Body-Sculpting Treatment

Barrymore's EMSCULPT provider talked to PEOPLE about the non-invasive treatment she and other celebs can't stop raving about.
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Baywatch vet Donna D'Errico, 51, covers herself in red paint for charity... after having a body-contouring treatment done in her doctor's office

❤️⁣ Nothing like a ride down PCH for a beach day. @btlaesthetics and #EmSculpt help to keep me beach ready.
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Harpers Bazaar

The aesthetic treatment trends that will be big for 2020

Body treatments are having a makeover. Dr Preema Vig has just launched The Body Clinic, incorporating treatments like EMSculpt (a body-contouring treatment that helps build muscle). “I think this trend for toning muscle in-clinic to complement fat reduction will continue into 2020, as with the launch of EmSculpt this year,” says Dr Shotter.
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The Impact of Menopause on Sexual Well-Being and How to Cope

Christine Hamori, MD, shares in a recent New Beauty article online and in the Winter issue tips for tackling menopause and sexual well-being, including using medical devices based on the science behind skin tightening technologies for the face and body. She shares Emsella as a device that can strengthen the pelvic floor.
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Harpers Bazaar

Introducing Restore by Harper's BAZAAR: A Luxurious Spa Day Taking Place This May

Restore doesn't just give you access to our headliners, but also to groundbreaking treatments that have never before been offered together in one room. After purchasing your ticket to Restore, you'll be able to reserve inclusive treatments, like Emsculpt.
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Wall Street Journal

Got Body Wrinkles? These New Procedures Might Help

Physically cooler than Ultherapy is the new radio frequency treatment Emtone, a procedure Dr. Akhavan favors for toning skin on the midsection, buttocks and thighs. It uses heat and sound waves to initiate collagen production. “As far as before-and-afters and impressive results, it’s the best I’ve seen,” said Dr. Akhavan, who recommends starting with four sessions over two weeks and then scheduling a maintenance session every three months. Ballpark starting price: $2,000 to $3,000 for the butt and thighs.
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realself news

Interest in Cosmetic Surgery Revisions on the Rise, According to New RealSelf Report

According to the new report, interest in cosmetic surgery revision and corrective procedures is increasing on RealSelf, with one nonsurgical and four surgical treatments ranking among the year’s fastest-growing treatments. The cosmetic treatment with the highest year-over-year growth is the nonsurgical muscle toning treatment Emsculpt, which saw an increase of 450% compared to 2018.
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Bravo Style & Living

Everything You Need to Know About the Ab Sculpting Treatment Bravolebs Are Doing

Porsha Williams, Melissa Gorga, and Cary Deuber all do EmSculpt, which firms up your ab muscles while you lay down. Here's the tea.
The Hollywood Reporter

8 Anti-Aging Fixes for Awards Season — Without Going Under the Knife

This treatment — which induces strong muscle contractions — caused a sensation last year because of how effectively it firms up abdomens and butts. A new device works on tough-to-tone arms. "It builds triceps and biceps," says NYC dermatologist Howard Sobel. "Skin will appear tighter around the muscles."
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ELLE's 2019 Future of Beauty Awards

Introducing our first ever awards dedicated to the most exciting innovations in skin, hair, makeup products, and body treatments—plus the game changing beauty founders and experts to know now.
EMTONE - Skin Smoothing Treatment
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Super Kegels On My Lunch Break? Yes Please!

To help clients score a host of Kegel benefits, consider EMSELLA by BTL. It has also been called the Kegel Throne – and for good reason. It is FDA cleared for treatment for incontinence and is a non-invasive treatment. It is a great option for women of any age who desire a solution for urinary incontinence and improvement for overall quality of life. With the recent celebrity reviews it has received, I had to try it and share the results!

Ever/Body Takes The Fear And Guess Work Out Of Botox

So if you’re curious about botox, are interested in a microdermabrasion facial, or want to try Emsculpt Body Contouring, but are intimidated by the whole process, Ever/Body is the place to go.
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The Trendiest Beauty Services of the Last 15 Years, According to Yelp.

According to the report, the most popular beauty services of 2019 included EmSculpt, along with dermaplaning, CoolSculpting, laser facials, fillers, hydrafacials, Ultherapy, Kybella, collagen, nail art, vaginal steaming, lash lifts and microneedling.
Beauty in the Bag

The Latest Weapon in the Fight Against Cellulite

Dr Busso explains, “Emtone addresses all of the underlying causes of cellulite to provide significant improvement without any downtime..."

When Can I Have Sex After Pregnancy? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

If Kegels just aren’t cutting it, you can also try a non-invasive procedure or device that’s designed to help with incontinence, another common post-pregnancy problem. Emsella is like a high-tech chair that stimulates the pelvic floor with thousands of contractions to tighten and rebuild those muscles.
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alexa New York Post

You can get this cellulite treatment on your lunch break

“We have entered the ‘Brave New World’ of medicine,” says Dr. Dendy Engelman, a New York City dermatologist who offers the brand new cellulite-blasting Emtone at her practice. “You can literally sculpt your body without any effort or downtime. The technology is truly amazing.”

Everything You Need to Know About The Newest Cellulite Treatment

First things first: Emtone doesn't hurt. In fact, clients have compared the cellulite procedure to a hot stone massage with the addition of mechanical vibrations that occur when the device is applied to the skin. There's no downtime, so you can return to your everyday life immediately following the treatment.


A combination of EmSculpt and EmTone was prescribed for optimal results.
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Inside Edition

Forget the Gym? This Machine Claims to Build Muscles for You

Dr. Davis in Cherry Hill, NJ demonstrated both the Emsculpt ab and butt treatment on a post divorce patient looking to get her best body. She was raving about her results of the treatment!
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Drew Barrymore Shares How She Found Her Body Confidence After Two Babies

"So I did pelvic floor training and pilates, a very physical therapy approach. And then I started doing Emsculpt and then the two together, have completely changed my foundation."
Drew Barrymore
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The Thirty

Drew Barrymore Only Wears Vintage Tees to Work Out—Proof She's Still the Coolest

Drew thanks EMSCULPT, emphasizing that “It has made me have a really strong core, and so I’m able to work out much more consistently”.

How to Tone Your Body Without Working Out

EMSCULPT - “It is a first of its kind,” says dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD. “A complete game changer for the aesthetics industry.”
American Health & Beauty

EMTONE - Newest Non-invasive Technology for Treating Cellulite and Loose Skin

"EMTONE sets an entirely new standard for the treatment of cellulite," says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist and Founder of PFRANKMD & Skin Salon. "There has never been a non-invasive cellulite treatment that has shown such high levels of patient satisfaction within the industry. Not only do patients experience better results but they also see results faster than existing protocols," added Dr. Frank.
Aesthetics Wire

Meet Emtone: BTL's Answer to Cellulite

BTL is launching Emtone, a device that targets cellulite via thermal monopolar radiofrequency and mechanical targeted pressure energy simultaneously.
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Aesthetic Insights

Emtone Device Answers Unmet Need for Effective Cellulite Reduction

The Emtone technology works independent of skin color and skin type, and supports all body types unlike some competing devices that are not suitable for use on thin patients.

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

For something completely non-invasive, consider Emsculpt. EmSculpt stimulates the muscles deep in your abdomen or glutes and causes massive contractions, resulting in muscle hypertrophy.
Dermatologist Anna Guanche joined Lu Parker on set for the KTLA 5 News at 11a to showcase a new non-invasive procedure that promises to give you a more sculpted body.

Exclusive: Drew Barrymore on Hair Masks, Body Acceptance, and Dealing With Haters

“EMSCULPT helped me rebuild muscles in my midsection that could support the pelvic floor. It’s completely changed my life.”
Good Housekeeping

What Is Emsculpt? The Low-Down on the Magic Machine That Tones Muscles In a Flash

So, imagine if you had a sweat-free jump-start to instantly boost your strength, which would help you surpass plateau points and take your fitness to the next level.

EmSculpt: The Millennial-Approved Way to Build Muscle

EmSculpt, the body sculptor that contracts muscles at a degree the body isn’t capable of on its own, is in high demand one year after hitting the market.
“The new applicator makes it a total body machine,” said Dr. Arash Akhavan

Emsculpt Review!

"EMSCULPT is unlike any other treatment on the market–current body shaping techniques fail to address muscles which greatly affects body contour."

5 New Body-Contouring Procedures Plastic Surgeons Can't Stop Talking About

To target your abs, there's Emsculpt, the revolutionary muscle-building procedure that Engelman calls "the new frontier of body contouring."
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Haute Beauty

Indulge In Self-Care This Summer Season With These Body Treatments And Procedure

What top non-surgical treatments are patients requesting during for the summer?
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The Fitness Secret Drew Barrymore Says "All the Cool Girls" Swear By

"I asked all of my cool friends who are super in-the-know, chic, amazing, people I totally respect and trust, and they're all doing it."
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How To Get Toned Arms Without Hitting The Gym

It is the newest game-changer in the body shaping category. Experts in the field of weight loss also referred to it as the “future of body sculpting". Experts at the Aivee Clinic add that contractions from the treatment “approximates 20,000 crunches, curls or squats which are not achievable by voluntary muscle action.”

Destination Wedding: 3 Next-Level Beauty Treatments To Try Before The Big Day​​

If you’ve dreamed of having abs or wanted your booty to be lifted without going under the knife, Emsculpt is a toning procedure which induces powerful muscle contractions.
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My Review of EMSCULPT

Who wants ABS this summer…..I do!!!! I have the scoop on how Emscuplt will give you a boost in confidence and will help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

What Is Emsculpt, and Will It Really Give Me Tighter Abs and a Rounder Butt?

Emsculpt can instead be used as a body contouring method and to help you build the muscle you may need to confidentially start an exercise program (as it did for Drew Barrymore).

Drew Barrymore’s Weight Loss Journey Hasn’t Been Easy—but She Finally Found Something That Works

Barrymore believes that Emsculpt was just what she needed to set her on the path to balance, helping her make healthier choices that in turn led to real weight loss.

Magnetic Energy To Stay In Shape? Drew Barrymore Credits Game-Changing Procedure

Drew Barrymore is the latest star to reveal her secret to looking fabulous — and it happens to be, well, magnetic.
Page Six Style

Drew Barrymore uses magnetic energy to stay in shape

“I felt immediately different. And it looked immediately different, but it just functioned differently,” she enthused.

Drew Barrymore Reveals Secret Behind 25-Pound Weight Loss, Admits ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ Genes

According to Drew’s interview with the media outlet, Drew is attributing the weight loss to the Emsculpt device – the FDA-cleared treatment is claimed to build core muscle with little effort required from the user. Drew has called Emsculpt her “abs secret.”
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Drew Barrymore Says Emsculpt Helped Strengthen Her Abs After 2 Kids, Weight Loss

"I have the genetic makeup of the Pillsbury Doughboy."

Drew Barrymore Reveals the Treatment That Was a Total ''Game-Changer'' For Losing Weight

"I've been able to build my core with Emsculpt, and it's completely changing my life. I can workout more [and] that just makes me feel mentally better and physically better."
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Drew Barrymore Turned to Stomach Sculpting After Her Pregnancies Caused Ab Separation

“I love hot yoga, I love physical therapy and Pilates to really help me with my pelvic floor, then EMSCULPT to strength my core, and then I love to top it off with dance cardio,” she says.

I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Laser Skin-Tightening Treatment

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The Doctors

Put it to the Test. Emsella, The Results

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New York Post - Page Six Style

Plastic surgeon reveals how to get a body like Kim Kardashian

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So, This Is What a $3,000 Emsculpt Butt Lift Actually Looks Like


BTL Aesthetics ground-breaking approach to body sculpting with BTL EMsculpt

Through their research and innovative procedures, they have revolutionized the way to offer the most advanced non-invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening and other medical aesthetic treatment.
Haute | Beauty

The Latest Emsculpt News and Clinical Results

Emsculpt has been officially available for one year, and it’s safe to say that it’s a runaway hit.
New Beauty

NewBeauty 2019 Award Winners: Best Innovations

Both EMSCULPT and BTL EMSELLA received a NewBeauty Innovation Award
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BAZAAR's 2019 Anti-Aging Awards

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Everything You Need to Know About Emsculpt

The non-invasive toning procedure is making waves in the dermatology and plastic surgery world.
The Doctors

Results of Emsella featured on CBS The Doctors show

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Most Worth It. 2019 Patients' Choice. Emsculpt.

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Dr. Oz puts Emsculpt to the Test

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New York Magazine - The CUT

When Did the Doctor's Office Start Looking Like This?

New York Dermatology Group
Emsculpt. “The Victoria’s Secret supermodels came and did it before the show.”
Dr. David Colbert
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The 7 Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019, According to Experts

Body Contouring Is Expected to Soar
sunhee grinnell (Vanity Fair)

Meet Your New Trainer: EmSculpt

With High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy technology, there’s a new way to tone up your muscles, and quickly.

These Are The Cosmetic Treatments That Are On The Rise, According To Top Doctors

Body Contouring: And nothing is quite as ground-breaking in the field of body-contouring as Emsculpt.
Hollywood Life

Madonna: Doctors Weigh In On Her New 'Massive Booty'

"The most common way we sculpt the butt these days is non-surgically with Emsculpt..."
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17 Over-the-Top Beauty Treatments to Try Before Your Wedding Day

An ultra-luxe beauty prep guide for the bride who will try anything. "Instant Abs"

Emsculpt® featured on Today with Dr. Wexler, Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb

What is Emsculpt? KLG tries the ab-tightening procedure
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The New In-Office Treatment That Tightened One Woman’s Stomach in Just Two Weeks

The Hollywood Reporter

No-Needle Face Lifts and Other Beauty Treatments for the Lazy and Squeamish

"No pain, no gain" is becoming irrelevant as cutting-edge machines do the exercising for you...
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Real Housewives of New Jersey couple Melissa and Joe Gorga Get Amazing Abs... While Lying Down

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The Doctors

Results of Emsculpt® featured on CBS The Doctors show

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New York Post

Can these weird new machines really exercise for you?


I Tried the New Body-Contouring Device Emsculpt, and Now I Have Actual Abs

The Doctors

Emsculpt® featured on CBS The Doctors show

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Harpers Bazaar

Harpers Bazzar "The Plastics" series


Emsculpt® featured on 25 Extra show

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The Doctors

A Chair That Treats Urinary Incontinence?

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The View

Dr. Doris Day Shows Us The Latest Breakthroughs In Beauty


My Bikini Body with the Help of Emsculpt by BTL Aesthetics


Contour Medical: It's a totally new category of body contouring treatment


Luann de Lesseps Tried a "Kegel Throne," and We Have So Many Questions

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ABC Action News

Summer Beauty Essentials


Watch Dorinda Medley Test Out New Cosmetic Procedure That Promises Ab-Tastic Results! (Exclusive)

The Style Editrix

Sculpting My Tummy

Dapper Confidential

4 Popular Summer Cosmetic Treatments for Men to Consider


Jake Hamilton talks with Josh McBride about Spring Fashions

CBS 2 | KCAL 9

Lifestyle Expert Josh McBride Shares Summer Health And Beauty Tips

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8 Breakthrough Beauty Treatments For 2018, According To Top Dermatologists


Superpower Your Kegels for a Healthy Pelvic Floor

American Health & Beauty

Beauty Tech Review - Emsculpt - HIFEM Non-Surgical Body Contouring


This new device claims to help sculpt your abs and boost your butt — without surgery


Will This “Kegel Throne” Help Your Vagina? Ob-Gyns Answer

Nadia Murdock Fit

Dr. Shel Shares How to Achieve and Maintain Pelvic Floor Health

San Antonio News 4

News 4 San Antonio introduces EMSELLA for Incontinence Treatment

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KENS 5 News

Kens 5 Incontinence Treatment with EMSELLA

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FirstCoast ABC News

Laser Loft

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healthy women

Bladder Issues No One Talks About

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PR Newswire

Landmark Study Evaluates Long-Term Results of BTL Vanquish Technology Four Years Post-Treatment

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Town & Country

The Anti-Aging Treatments You Need To Start Right Now!

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Dr Dendy Engleman and the BTL Vanquish

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Cosmetic Surgery Times

BTL launched its partnership with eRelevance in late 2015 to help cosmetic and other practices adding BTL’s technologies market the devices.

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Facial Fillers and Cosmetic Injections Are the Biggest Trends in Plastic Surgery

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Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing

BTL Aesthetics – Non Invasive Radiofrequency Treatments to Reduce Upper Arm Fat

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What it´s really like to try non-surgical fat removal

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Top Derm Solutions to 2016’s Biggest Beauty Dilemmas

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Readers Digest

9 Ways to Get Rid of Your Love Handles (Without a Lick of Exercise)

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PR Newswire

Dedicated to Innovation: Next-Generation Vanquish ME Device from BTL Aesthetics Reduces 53% More Fat Than its Predecessor

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Mens Fitness

When You Just Can't Get Rid of That Stubborn Fat from The Holidays..

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A Bridal Beauty Treatment That Kills Fat Cells?! We Have All the Deets...

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Haute Living

LA: The 5 Best Places to Go for Lunchtime Lipo

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Devon Rachel

5 Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

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New Plastic Surgery Procedures Will Melt Away Your Fat

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Fat, Zapped (And is it All That?)

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Can You Really Kill Your Fat Cells?

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Divalysscious Moms

BTL Vanquish ME Q & A – A New #FabULyssFind

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Exclusive: Vanquish, a New Machine, Zaps Fat With No Pain

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Yahoo Beauty

The Breakthrough Non-Invasive Treatment to Melt Fat Without Pain

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Today Show

BTL Exilis Today Show News with Patricia Wexler

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The Doctors

BTL Vanquish The Doctors

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The View

BTL Vanquish on The View with Whoopi Goldberg

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